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Hiring to Retain

Wed 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

Too often, managers look at the hiring process from a technical standpoint. Yet behavioral fit is just as important – if not moreso. Hiring a staff member who does not fit behaviorally can slow down your whole team and lead to high financial and time costs in the form of rehiring and retraining new team members.

Following the COVID pandemic, employees are quitting their jobs at record levels - more people are resigning now than have at any time in the past fifteen years. The best way to avoid this kind of “mass resignation” is to hire and onboard well - get the right people and they'll stay for a lot longer. Wilcox Consulting works with teams and leaders to improve hiring, retention, and employee engagement. The right people, with the right motivation and understanding of your business can not only save you money when you retain them, but they can also give you a competitive advantage with their passion and commitment.

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