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Hire Badgers: Bringing Two-Way Value to a Student Work Experience

Mon 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Topic: Managing Employees

Did you know that the UW-Madison Work-Study Program, previously reserved for on-campus and non-profit organizations, has recently been expanded to small businesses – and even covers 75% of the wages earned? Or that many UW-Madison students pursue internship opportunities as a way to develop new skills and explore career pathways while they are studying at UW?

By providing internship and work-study opportunities for UW-Madison students, businesses can:

Increase staff diversity Focus on back-burner projects Engage with talented, enthusiastic students Give back to the community through mentorship Hire affordable staff who can make a true contribution to the organization Provide management experience for current staff and career development opportunities for students Gain access to skillsets not currently on your staff Contribute to community/university relationships Develop a potential recruitment pipeline (with lower cost/risk) Have new perspectives and enthusiasm

Fee: No Cost