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I’m Doing Everything! How Value Planning Reduces Panic and Builds Value

Wed 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Topic: Managing a Business

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If you knew that there were steps you could take to increase the likelihood of 1) attracting and retaining employees and 2) increasing the value of your business – would you? Someday-retirement may seem far away. Yet, in addition to focusing on clear financial goals like increasing revenue, taking value-planning steps now to support that future can benefit nearly every facet of your business. These elements – including more efficient operations, faster recognition of business trends, a cleaner financial picture, and better standard operating procedures – are all key qualitative factors that drive employee engagement, transparency, and business value. Whether you are focused on recouping some of your free time, safeguarding against emergencies, or being a salable business in the future, the work of value planning can support all of those goals.

Speaker(s): Jane Tereba, Capital Valuation Group

Fee: No Cost