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Compelling Presentations: Learn to tell your innovation's story

Thu 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Topic: Start-up Assistance

All of us have sat through presentations or talks that seemed to be a waste of time. And though most of us can recognize things that make them bad, we aren’t sure what to do to make them great. Sometimes, though, we see a presentation that is well thought through, informative and entertaining. “This,” you may have thought to yourself, “is the kind of presentation that I would like to give.”

But how does one do that? What are the things that separates a good presentation from those that are mediocre? Is it just the presenter? Is it the setting? Is it the audience? And what about nerves, PowerPoint, and group presentations?

This session will greatly increase your knowledge about what it takes to prepare and deliver a terrific (and effective) presentation.

  • You will learn the single biggest factor in being a compelling presenter.
  • You will learn the most important thing to include in any presentation.
  • You will learn how to make slides really work.
  • You will have fun.

About the speaker: Will Carlin is the founder and CEO of Speakable, a company that specializes in helping executives and organizations with high-stakes presentations. The former Managing Partner at three different marketing/advertising agencies, Will has coached 68 out of 68 clients to winning or achieving their goals, often against extreme odds.

Fee: No Cost